Students’ beliefs about Social Media in the Workplace


College students are mass consumers of social media. A couple weeks ago some student staff in User Services posted a short video about the UWNet outage that campus was experiencing. So, I found myself curious about students’ beliefs regarding social media and the workplace. I interviewed six students in User Services to get their perspectives regarding posting work-related content on social media.  (Note: all quotes below were provided anonymously by the students who were interviewed.)

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Focus Groups – gaining insight into your customers’ needs

As part of our Voice of the Customer initiative, the Great Service Team (GST) piloted the use of focus groups for gathering customer data. Our initial focus groups with Departmental Support contract customers proved successful. Customers identified strengths of their desktop support team along with some specific areas for improvement. Based on this feedback, team leads have been able to set clear goals for process improvement as they continue to engage with the customers.

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Patrick Johnson’s Tech Store AD Presentation

Patrick Johnson was one of three finalists for the Tech Store’s open Assistant Director position. As part of the application process, each candidate presented on their background and their plans for the Tech Store.

“The fact that I get to contribute to this University makes me motivated to come to work every day, and as a leader, I want other people to feel the same way.”

Those words led off Patrick Johnson’s remarks to a collection of User Services (and other) staff attending his AD presentation, part of the application process. He also said that he genuinely liked coming to work, especially on Mondays. Despite that, everyone in the room remained for the rest of his presentation.

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Meet the Final Candidates for Assistant Director of DoIT Tech Store Operations: Allison Olson

The Position

In August of 2017, the DoIT User Services Search and Screen Committee began the process of filling the vacant position of Assistant Director of DoIT Tech Store Operations.

Retail Locations 3
Full-time Staff 18-20
Student Staff 20-25
Departments to oversee
Retail Sales
Technical Support
Repair Services
UW Missions and Commitments to Support
DoIT Foundational Principles
UW Academic
UW Research
UW Outreach

The last week of September, the search was narrowed to three finalists. Each finalist was assigned his/her own day to spend with User Services Staff and undergo the following final screening activities:

  • Welcome and Tech Store Tour
  • Interview Screen and Search Committee
  • Deliver a Presentation to User Services Staff
  • Lunch with the Leadership Team
  • Tech Store Staff Panel Q & A
  • Interview with Brandon Bernier, User Services Director

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Chris Hopp’s Tech Store AD Presentation

Chris Hopp was one of three finalists for the Tech Store’s open Assistant Director position. As part of the application process, each candidate presented on their background and their plans for the Tech Store.

Chris Hopp grew up in Madison but spent many weekends on his grandparents’ farm near Randolph, Wisconsin. He says that his experiences there had a strong influence on his career development. He learned the value of hard work, that cleaning up manure is the worst job, and that he really didn’t want to be a farmer.

But in the dark night skies near the farm, Chris had a great view of the Milky Way. “Like many kids, I really wanted to be an astronaut,” he said. However, the Air Force academy told him no — because of his allergies, he was not eligible.

From a career journey perspective, that really opened up his eyes. He learned that there may be little details in your early planning that, if you miss them, can have a big impact on your future path.

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Invitation to Participate: User Services Opportunities

I am excited to share a variety of opportunities to enhance your professional growth and contribute to User Services. Attached is a list that provides more detail about this year’s User Services departmental project teams and committees. These initiatives offer a great opportunity to develop your leadership, collaboration and communication skills while making a positive impact on the future of the department.

If you are interested in participating and haven’t already registered your interest in your PDP, please email me letting me know by Tuesday, September 19th. Your interest will be shared with the Leadership Team and we will make final decisions on the team assignments by the beginning of October.

The InfoLabs Services and Early Career Development Program are still awaiting final approval and we encourage you still to note your interest in these initiatives. Additionally, our Women in User Services group has brought great awareness to the strengths of a diverse and inclusive team. Over the next year, we will build on this success by researching best practices and writing proposals. We will share these proposals with the Extended Leadership Team to implement and apply some best practices and policies to User Services.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.


contributed by Jaclyn Zavoral

2017 Back To School – Volunteer Sign Up By the Numbers

Carillon_tower_autum09_1947We would like to extend a huge thanks to all the time and energy everyone put into making the two week event of 2017 Fall Rush a success!

As a result of feedback submitted by staff all over User Services, a Fall Rush sign-up sheet was created. User Services staff had the opportunity to volunteer hours of time to a specific role to help Fall Rush go smoothly. Each role was defined on the Volunteer spreadsheet, so staff knew exactly what to expect.

This table shows User Services Staff time in hours which were volunteered and categorized by User Services Area.

User Services Area Hours Volunteered by Department
Help Desk 42
Departmental Support 19
User Services Departmental Office 25
Info Labs 6
Product Management 38

Total Hours Volunteered to a Role



The table below gives a description of each role and the required skills for which people volunteered.

The sign up was such a success, we will most likely do this next year! Take a look at each role and mentally try on each one for size.  Happy Fall Semester, everyone!


Role Description Required Skills Hours Volunteered by Role
Help Desk Email Support Folks who help in role will help manage the HD email queue by returning emails for common issues. This will help us keep the queue more manageable during our busiest time of year. None 32
Help Desk Product Liaison This is the first year the HD will also be taking calls/chats/emails for the Tech Store during fall rush. Having a resource will help us ensure we can handle calls in a timely manner Knowledge of in-house & online Tech Store products and general knowledge of its policies and procedures is helpful but not required 23
Tech Store Greeter Greeters welcome customers to the store and help guide them to appropriate resources within the store. This will help make customers feel comfortable in the store and manage the queue Desire to interact with a high number of customers 63
Graduate School Resource Fair This is a fun way to get out on campus, interact with our customers face-to-face, answer any questions they have and listen to what is important to them! Desire to interact with a high number of customers 5
Education Welcome Resource Fair 1
International Student Services Resource Fair 0
BadgerFest 6
Total Volunteered Hours per Role 130

Happy Fall Semester, Everyone!