The Great Service Team creates a Standardized Survey

The Great Service Team is working to implement a new customer satisfaction survey for User Services.  The GST consulted with Josh Morrill and Chad Shorter from Academic Technology to create a survey that will give stakeholders more uniform and useful data, while simultaneously encouraging higher response rates from consumers of DoIT services.  Upon adoption, this will replace 4+ different surveys currently in use across User Services.

The new survey was designed with a few of objectives in mind:

  1. The survey should accurately gauge user satisfaction with DoIT, and should be general enough for use across various groups within User Services.
  2. It should incorporate opportunities for open-ended feedback for more specific suggestions or comments.
  3. The survey must be brief enough that users are not discouraged from completing it.

We are planning the implementation of the survey in three phases.  For phase one, the Great Service Team will coordinate the implementation of a new survey with each unit.  The idea is that each unit will have access to their own version of the standardized questions and results via a Qualtrics survey.  Once we have Phase 1 completed, we will communicate out to the department and relay additional information on future phases.

The GST would like to encourage anyone interested to take a look at the new unified survey at the following link: DoIT US Customer Satisfaction Survey Draft.  Any comments or questions can be directed to

contributed by: Mike Juszczyk,


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