Internship Team Prepares for the End

The summer has been filled with hard work, thrilling projects, ice cream, and an occasional bit of humor and sarcasm for this year’s internship cohort. The nine members of this year’s cohort have been creating improvements and leading projects in each of the departments within User Services. I’m positive everyone who is reading this article has been affected by their hard work.

The beginning of the program started off with the Adventure Learning Program, where the interns got to know each other, and some of their fears for those afraid of heights, a little better. The day on the low and high ropes course emphasized team work, communication, and trust within the group.

The middle part of the internship program focused on professional development. The interns attended a strengths finder workshop, a presentation skills workshop, and presented on articles as teams for presentation practice. We were also lucky to have two speakers this year: Jamie Marsh from the business school presented on the leadership challenge and Eric Knueve, the director for the Center for Leadership and Involvement, presented on the leadership framework at UW and the leadership certificate.

The interns are now working on their final presentations about their projects which will be presented to DoIT extended leadership. We are excited to see the culmination of their projects and our efforts! This year’s internship program will officially end on Aug 18th; however, many of the interns will be staying with DoIT to continue their work. We will leave you with some parting words from our interns:

“Having the freedom and responsibility to choose my own project and follow through with it was an unparalleled professional development experience!” – Jonathan Green, Repair Business Process Analyst Intern

“I am the Ross now” – Jeffrey Sanford, Product Management Intern (Happy retirement to Ross Yahnke!)

“Shout out to the SOAR tables for taking handsome pictures after each event” – Daniel Ibarra, HD Marketing Intern (see picture below)


Bottom: Kali Kinziger, SOAR Intern. Right: Bryan Brant, Product Management Intern. Top: Jeff Sanford, Product Management Intern. Left: Jordan Jones, Systems Development Student Worker

Thanks everyone!

DoIT Internship Team

Contributed by: Hannah Pringle,


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