1,600+ Responses from Voice of the Customer efforts

Over the next few months, the Great Service Team (GST) will be providing a series of updates on how we are progressing with the three pillars of our program (Voice of the Customer, Great Service Philosophy, and Training). For this month’s update we wanted to focus on the Voice of the Customer and share with you some results from the standardized customer satisfaction survey which was implemented in late May (see original announcement here)

During the development of the standardized customer satisfaction survey we consulted with Josh Morrill who informed us of the importance of keeping the survey short and concise. Therefore, we created the new survey with fewer, strategically chosen questions. This has resulted in an average completion time of only 90 seconds.

In addition to shortening the survey, we also increased the send rate of the survey to 100% of interactions. By doing this User Services has amassed over 1600 completed surveys in the two months since we went live. The largest number of these surveys (972) were from customer interactions with the Help Desk group.

So what have we been doing with all of the results?

  1. Responding to Feedback

With the new survey we implemented a feature that would standardize the way in which groups act upon survey responses that require follow-up. Whenever a customer selects that they would like to be followed up with, Qualtrics emails the group’s leadership list with the results of the survey and a message asking for customer follow-up. (See the sample message below for Departmental Support.)




 2. Analyzing Data

The GST enlisted the help of Bridget Bartell who created a series of dashboards in Tableau to visualize the data from the new survey. Customer satisfaction survey data for all groups in User Services is visible via the link below, and you can modify the date range according to your needs.


Continuous improvement & Recommendations

In addition to the electronic delivery of the standardized customer satisfaction survey, the GST recommends that individual groups explore other mediums for survey deployment. For example, the Tech Store might consider offering comment cards or a suggestion box for customers to submit in-store feedback. Additionally, the Help Desk could consider asking customer’s to take a brief survey on the phone after their issue has been resolved. Such efforts would lead to diversified feedback, and increased response rates.

The standardized customer satisfaction survey has resulted in the collection of a large amount of data. The GST recommends that each of the groups in User Services establishes new or improved processes for responding to customer feedback, and using the data to make strategic decisions to better serve their customers. In addition, we recommend the creation of a shared repository for positive feedback received to publicly recognize the great work User Services employees are doing for all of our customers.

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas for the Great Service Team:  greatservice@lists.wisc.edu

contributed by: Brad Thome, brad.thome@wisc.edu; edited by: Bret Vlach, bret.vlach@wisc.edu




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