The Tech Store’s Next Leader

This summer I’ve had the pleasure of stepping into the role of interim Assistant Director of the Tech Store. Bill Zimmerman’s move to AD of the InfoLabs and Edward Hoover’s move to AD of Departmental Support opened the door to this terrific experience, one that I’ve learned a lot from. I want to share some of my observations with all of you.

We have a terrific team!

We have some of the best, most hardworking staff members out there. Frankly, they don’t get enough credit for what they do. And they’re not a group of individuals working in silos. These team members collaborate, communicate, and work across group lines to ensure that we have a high-performing, smooth-running operation. I’ve watched them through the SOAR rush, on inventory night, etc., and in every experience I’ve walked away impressed by their effort and dedication.

Ability to adapt

Many of you know that the Tech Store has experienced significant changes over the past year. There’s no doubt that this puts stress on a team and its operations, but at the same time, change can be good and can help position an organization to excel. Everyone in the Tech Store and Product Management has had a hand in making the Tech Store better for the future. We’ve nearly completed another successful SOAR season, and we’ve made great strides in other customer segments. The continued success of the Tech Store depends on its readiness to adapt and change as future conditions require.

Customer Service Focused

The last observation I’ll share is how impressed I’ve been with how we interact with our customers on a daily basis. Our team continually goes above and beyond to ensure our customers have an exceptional experience in the store. From new students and parents to departmental customers, I consistently see people happy with our services and the way we make our customers a priority.

As we search for the next leader for our Tech Store operations (consulting, logistics, repair, and walk-in support), it will be important to find someone who understands the observations I’ve shared above and is dedicated to collaboratively building a vision for the future while working closely with our Product Management team. We know the phrase that says “what got us here won’t get us there,” and that certainly applies to our next Tech Store Assistant Director.

If you know anyone with these skillsets (yourself included!) please encourage them to apply by August 25th at:


contributed by Brandon Bernier, Director of User Services

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