What a Great Day for the Tech Store!

We would like to extend a giant THANK YOU to all the staff and students in all the departments who contributed to making our Customer Appreciation Day Sale on 11/16/2017 a tremendous success. Positivity and can-do spirit was out and on display everywhere; it is days like these that help reinforce what a terrific place to work we have here. The level of service we were able to deliver in helping customers, in the face of the sheer magnitude of orders and sales, was inspiring.

From a process/logistics standpoint, the new ecommerce reservation system, the day-before product staging at our 3 locations, using the pickup tally sheet at the registers, and our ratio of sales staff to help staff all seemed to be a winning strategy. We were able to send out a string of emails to reservation holders reminding them to complete their purchases, which was effective throughout the day. The extended hours helped spread the load out fairly well. From what we observed, we are guessing that our customer satisfaction scores will be the highest they have ever been for any of our One-Day sales.

We’re a learning organization and we’re getting better at this every time.

Besides Customer Satisfaction, another important measure of our success is our sales numbers. It may come as no surprise that yesterday was our highest grossing sales day, ever.

Here are some comparisons to illustrate the magnitude of yesterday’s workload:

Order Categories Percent change from last May’s Customer Appreciation Day Event (# of orders):
Personal Sales on the day +12.8%
Personal Orders on the day +24.7%
Apple devices sold w/Promo discount +29.1%
Payroll deductions +24.0%
Safeware+AppleCare sales -17.9%
Total sales on the day +16.8%

As another point of reference, here are our Top 5 One-Day Sales stats:

Dollar Sales percent of 5/2015 sales Personal (# of Orders) Apple Promo (# of Orders) Payroll Deduction (# of Orders) Safeware/
Applecare (# of Orders)
11/16/2017 512% 455 346 124 94
5/18/2017 454% 365 268 100 105
11/11/2015 208% 250 140 n/a 34
5/13/2016 197% 268 160 n/a 39
5/14/2015 100% 196 99 n/a 28

Having those measures in perspective further illustrates how tremendous 11/16 was when compared to our busiest sales and service days overall. We saw lots of smiles on both sides of the registers, a true testament to the fantastic level of service and value you all were providing to our customers and to each other. Awesome.

Great work, everyone!


contributed by Brian Kishter and Chris Hopp







Nominations Requested for December All-Staff Recognition

We are excited to offer two recognition awards at our December All-Staff Lunch! Consider nominating your colleagues to show your appreciation for their contributions to our team, below you will find additional details.


Nominations may be made for superior performance and/or contribution by a teammate involving activities such as: internal or external customer service, cost savings, productivity/work processes, or outstanding commitment to DoIT’s Foundational Principles.

How to Nominate:

Complete the following form by Wednesday, December 13th: http://go.wisc.edu/j35z56. Note that you are not required to list your name if you would prefer not to enter into the raffle.

The Reward:

Two $25 gift cards will be randomly awarded at the December 14th All Staff Meeting. You are eligible for the award if you are nominated by a colleague or if you take the time to nominate someone.

This is our third month offering this program; please share your feedback directly with Brandon and me so we can continue to improve!


contributed by Jaclyn Zavoral


Wow, thanks to everyone for participating (both baking and eating) in this year’s Bake-Off! We had 23 unique submissions and over 30 judges. Below is a list of our winners. But, with the exception of the “durable brownies,” I was truly impressed with everyone’s submission either for their taste or creativity. Thanks for making this year a success!

Best Baker: Nathan Weber

Best Item:

  1. Mini Cheesecakes (Nathan)
  2. Candied Bacon (Nathan)
  3. Oreo Truffles (Nathan)

Most Runner-Up votes:

  1. Twix Bars (Dawn)
  2. Candied Bacon-Tie for 2nd (Nathan)
  3. Honey Sriracha Chex-Mix-Tie for 2nd (David)

Most Unique:

  1. Candied Bacon (Nathan)
  2. Honey Sriracha (David)
  3. Red Velvet Cupcakes—tie for 3rd (Amanda)
  4. Twix Bars—tie for 3rd (Dawn)

Allergy Friendly:

  1. Candied Bacon (Nathan)
  2. Chocolate Popcorn-Tie for 2nd (Nathan)
  3. Honey Sriracha Chex-Mix-Tie for 2nd (David)

Most Bland:

  1. Day Old French Bread (Nathan)
  2. Dinner Rolls—noted as being delicious (David)
  3. Leftover Pasta (Jonathan)

*One additional note: both of our student submissions placed, despite it being finals week. Kudos to Amanda and Jonathan!

***Best Durable Brownies (Patrick)***


contributed by Patrick Johnson

User Services Recognition – November 2017

User Services recognizes and values the hard work and effort of our team and we are excited to highlight the following individuals who were nominated to receive an award at our November All-Staff meeting for their accomplishments.

  • Abrianna Barca
    • Abrianna is a mastermind of scheduling, coordinating and whiteboard brainstorming! I’ve always admired these abilities in her but I am extremely grateful for her willingness to share these skills- especially when it comes to onboarding. Her assistance, patience and skill in coordinating activities and schedules is superb and was of great relief when I was struggling to onboard and arrange schedules for 4 full-time employees starting in pairs on staggered weeks.
    • Abrianna volunteered to represent User Services at the first ever DoIT Career Exploration Fair. Abrianna, you’re awesome!
  • Andy Muschlewski
    • Andy continues to be an invaluable source of institutional knowledge and always willing to jump in and help apply it when needs arise. Thanks Andy.
    • I’m nominating Andy for serving as a liaison with the Dev team to ensure that POS doesn’t break, and for always being willing to work weekends. Thank you!
    • Outstanding external customer service. Before the ECM location was officially open for the morning, Andy did some trouble shooting and came up with a fix for a customer that was having configuration issues with a group of rental laptops.
  • Angela Terrab
    • Angela was a huge help on the Level 2 team in going out of her way to help train four new hires at once, including creating a checklist to get us all set up with the tools and resources needed. Thank you, Angela!
    • I’m nominating Angela for her help and hard work getting Help Desk support processes and documentation updated for Campus Network Housing, just days before move-in!
    • Exceptional customer service! During Fall Rush, Angela assisted several Learn@UW customers that had walked to the DoIT Tech Store seeking help with a complex Learn@UW issue.
  • Brent Lesley
    • Brent was able to provide fantastic service for our customers at the Wisconsin Humanities Council by working in consultation with System’s Engineering to completely replace their aging server infrastructure and successfully migrate all of the services from the old server to the new. This was a complex, multi-step process that required a high level of organization and expertise, as well as strong communication skills to ensure the customer was kept informed during every phase of the project.  Nice work, Brent!
  • Brian Gratrix
    • For having a great vision for our new office space during our recent office moves. Brian took a fresh approach and came up with an office design that created great work and collaboration spaces.  2130 is a happy place!
    • Brian was one of four people who willingly relocated his workplace so that we could make room for additional staff in his former office. He worked with us to help us roll with the changes, and enabled us to build a better space for some Level Two staff who we relocated to his former office.
  • Chris Grosspietsch
    • Chris was one of three people who willingly relocated his workplace so that we could make room for additional staff in his former office. He’s always a team player, and is awesome to work with!
  • Chris Last
    • Chris volunteered to represent User Services at the first ever DoIT Career Exploration Fair. Thanks for arranging the swag, Chris!
  • Collin Leavitt
    • Collin has done a great job in owning his professional development by being intentional in proactively managing his time for cross-training in the SAS unit.
    • Collin has led a team in conducting a complete physical inventory of all of the computers supported by DS as part of the Division of Enrollment Management.
  • David Schlaefer
    • Exceptional work on the space planning team. David consistently sought feedback from the Repair team and always maintained a high level of enthusiasm for the project.
  • Dawn Karls
    • Productivity and cost savings – Dawn and her team of students have done an incredible job taking on the responsibility of managing the Apple Product portfolio in addition to all of their other responsibilities, and making this transition as seamless as possible for all of the Tech Store and Logistics. Thank you for all your hard work!
  • Fred Murray
    • I want to thank Fred for stepping up and providing leadership support for the Office of Data Management and Compliance in their effort to pilot a new piece of software called Toad Datapoint for the entire campus. Fred willingness to step up and provide support is appreciated given his already very full workload.  Thanks Fred!
  • Henry Huang
    • During the beginning of this semester Henry Huang went over and above in his dedication to customer service. [Due to staffing model changes at Union South and the SAC], on a daily, even multi-daily basis, Henry ensured that each lab location was functioning at 100% capacity, even though his primary location is at Memorial Union. Great Work Henry!
  • Jason Atkins
    • Jason shared his technical expertise in representing DoIT’s involvement with conference center technology support as part of a conference call with consultants from Huron Consulting.
    • Jason is an engaged member on the Partners in Giving committee. Jason’s participation on this team allows DoIT staff persons to make positive contributions to our larger society and make the world a better place.
    • Jason provided phenomenal customer service throughout an experience with a particularly complicated Box issue. He worked with me throughout the process to ensure all the steps were communicated to me in a timely manner and he stuck with the issue until he solved my problem. Thanks Jason!
    • Jason volunteered to represent User Services at the first ever DoIT Career Exploration Fair. Kudos to Jason!
  • Jayme Dickenson
    • Jayme continues to go above and beyond for our customers, especially Transportation Services. Transportation has a responsibility to keep all of our automated parking ramps functioning. This responsibility can often create stressful situations and Jayme’s assistance with this important service has not gone unnoticed. She has created a great relationship with Transportation Services and has been able to handle daily requests in addition to rolling out new hardware to the various lots at the same time.
    • While we have been short-staffed, all of our team members have pitched in to serve our customers, take on extra duties for Athletics game handling and also assisting with new staff onboarding. They’re constantly helping out each other and ensuring that our customer needs are met.
  • Jeff Meyers
    • Unprecedented Collaboration, Productivity, and Support within the Tech Store group. Jeff consistently supports the TS staff with resolving advanced, complicated, and technical issues that sometimes occur in POS. Jeff’s advanced CBS & POS knowledge, and his collaborative and friendly attitude results in a seamless experience for customers which allows us to continue to provide excellent customer service.
  • Jeff Wiltzius
    • Jeff was one of four people who willingly relocated his workplace so that we could make room for staff from his team. His flexibility and willingness to move enabled us to build a better space for some Level Two staff.
    • Jeff volunteered to represent User Services at the first ever DoIT Career Exploration Fair. Excellent job, Jeff!
  • Karl Weirauch
    • Outstanding productivity and significant contributions to the Tech Store group. Karl has consistently delivered a high standard of service and productivity, and it’s with his departure from the TS group to Departmental Support that the TS team realizes the full scope of all of the tasks and responsibilities that he’s owned for so long. Of notable mention are the contributions he’s made to our KB and Cherwell. Thanks, Karl!
  • Nathan Van Hogen
    • Stepping up to cover for Bascom support while we work to hire a replacement.
  • Nick Reynolds
    • I would like to recognize Nick for his help with setting up our Customer Appreciation Event reservation system using our new e-Commerce magento platform. This was a new idea and there was risk involved in getting the system up working and in time for the promotion kick-off to our customers. His attention to detail in populating the many product details to make the customer experience a positive one is greatly appreciated!
  • Pat Daley
    • Pat has been a tremendous help with our latest recruitment. Not only did he facilitate the entire recruitment, he also gave his valuable insight into the process. We were extremely successful due to his efforts.
    • While we have been short-staffed, all of our team members have pitched in to serve our customers, take on extra duties for Athletics game handling and also assisting with new staff onboarding. They’re constantly helping out each other and ensuring that our customer needs are met.
  • Patrick Johnson
    • Patrick participated on the planning committee for the first ever DoIT Career Exploration Fair and took on additional responsibility to work with departmental representatives to staff the fair and provide resources. His excellent communication skills and thoughtful approach contributed to an extremely successful event. I also want to note that Patrick went above and beyond the day of the event to set-up the equipment. Thanks for your hard work, Patrick!
  • Roksana Baladi
    • Roksana brightened up the space in 1150B by placing fun seasonal print outs outside of our work spaces. Thanks for the smiles! 🙂
  • Sean Bossinger
    • Sean volunteered to serve as the User Services representative for the first ever DoIT Career Exploration Fair. He successfully coordinated volunteers and resources which well-represented the department at the event. Also, he was a great advocate and encouraged staff attendance. Thanks for all you do, Sean!
    • As the Women in User Services Team shifted missions. The Assistant Directors were asked to each take on hosting an event. Sean stepped up and welcomed the opportunity to host the first AD hosted event. He quickly reached out to his contacts and has done an amazing job with taking the lead and embodying the inclusive environment we work to instill daily. We are all excited to attend this Friday’s event!
  • Steve Schroeder
    • For working tirelessly in the days leading up to fall rush to ensure Help Desk agents had all the information and resources they needed.
  • Teresa Arauco
    • Outstanding commitment to communication and transparency. Teresa has contributed nearly 30 articles between FY17 and today. Teresa strives to ensure that all User Services staff have access to the information that impacts them.
  • Tony O’Rourke
    • While we have been short-staffed, all of our team members have pitched in to serve our customers, take on extra duties for Athletics game handling and also assisting with new staff onboarding. They’re constantly helping out each other and ensuring that our customer needs are met.
    • Tony is an excellent employee who has really done a great job helping out our short-staffed team.
  • Wanjiru Pontes
    • Wanjiru was one of four people who willingly, and rapidly, relocated her workplace so that we could make make better utilization of space in offices on the 2nd floor. She was the first to raise her hand and recommended herself for the move.


Last week I got to take part in one of my favorite professional development experiences, the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, which took place in Philadelphia. This conference “hosts professionals and technology providers from around the world to enable you to network, share ideas, and discover solutions to today’s challenges.” This year’s conference brought together 8,000 higher education professionals from 43 different countries.

If you haven’t heard of EDUCAUSE, or had an opportunity to get involved, I would really encourage you to do so. In addition to conferences (national and regional), EDUCAUSE is a great resource for staying up to date on higher education IT trends and resources (see image). They are also a wealth of information when it comes to developing your career. EDUCAUSE has something for everyone no matter if you’re interested in learning more about our industry as a whole, or just a specific facet.

While I attended many great sessions, I wanted to share a few of them and some additional resources:

Michael Cato (CIO @ Vassar College) gave a great talk entitled “Pursuing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Strategic Advantage.” In his talk, he referenced The Diversity Bonus by Scott E. Page which just may become the next US reading series book.

Katherine Milkman (Assoc. Prof. at Univ of Penn) gave a tremendous keynote on “Decision Biases: Improving the Quality of our Everyday Decisions.” You can see more of her work here: http://www.katherinemilkman.com/multimedia/

Liv Gjestvang (Assoc VP of Acad Tech at Ohio State), this year’s Rising Star Award winner, shared some tremendous insights on “Designing Workplaces That Matter.” You can read more about her and her background here (scroll to bottom).

As you look to learn more about IT in higher education, or what professional development resources are out there, I hope that you consider EDUCAUSE. Whether it’s reading their monthly publication (EDUCAUSE Review), joining an email discussion group, or participating in the other opportunities I’ve mentioned, know that it will be a valuable use of your time. EDUCAUSE has a way of opening doors to opportunities both in your thinking and in your career.

If you’d be interested in learning more, or getting involved in EDUCAUSE, please let me know. I’d be happy to connect you to the right resources and people.


contributed by Brandon Bernier, Director of User Services

All-Staff Lunch on 11/9/2017

Just a reminder that we will have our All-Staff Lunch gathering on Thursday, November 9th from 11:45am to 1:00pm in 3139A/B/C.

We have the room starting at 11:30 so feel free to come by early for some extra social time and to get your food.

Our agenda for this meeting:

  • New staff introductions
  • Recognize staff for their achievements
  • Discuss the activities of some of our strategic projects
  • Tech Store updates
  • Update from Brandon on departmental activities

As always food is provided and there will be gluten free and vegetarian options available. As a reminder we are a bring your own beverage event.


contributed by The All-Staff Planning Team

Career Exploration Fair on November 8th!

Interested in early- to mid-career opportunities at DoIT? Then don’t miss the DoIT Career Exploration Fair! You can learn DoIT job requirements, identify your skills & interests, and explore other professional development opportunities.

This event is from 10am to 1pm at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery DeLuca Forum. And it’s free!

You can also connect with colleagues from across DoIT during one of two speed-networking sessions! Networking not your thing? Have no fear – they’ll provide you with question prompts to help guide the conversation. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with several DoIT colleagues over the course of 30 minutes and learn from their career experiences during this facilitated discussion.

Please follow the links below to register for one of the speed-networking sessions:



contributed by Jaclyn Zavoral