Meet the Final Candidates for Assistant Director of DoIT Tech Store Operations: Allison Olson

The Position

In August of 2017, the DoIT User Services Search and Screen Committee began the process of filling the vacant position of Assistant Director of DoIT Tech Store Operations.

Retail Locations 3
Full-time Staff 18-20
Student Staff 20-25
Departments to oversee
Retail Sales
Technical Support
Repair Services
UW Missions and Commitments to Support
DoIT Foundational Principles
UW Academic
UW Research
UW Outreach

The last week of September, the search was narrowed to three finalists. Each finalist was assigned his/her own day to spend with User Services Staff and undergo the following final screening activities:

  • Welcome and Tech Store Tour
  • Interview Screen and Search Committee
  • Deliver a Presentation to User Services Staff
  • Lunch with the Leadership Team
  • Tech Store Staff Panel Q & A
  • Interview with Brandon Bernier, User Services Director

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2017 Back To School – Volunteer Sign Up By the Numbers

Carillon_tower_autum09_1947We would like to extend a huge thanks to all the time and energy everyone put into making the two week event of 2017 Fall Rush a success!

As a result of feedback submitted by staff all over User Services, a Fall Rush sign-up sheet was created. User Services staff had the opportunity to volunteer hours of time to a specific role to help Fall Rush go smoothly. Each role was defined on the Volunteer spreadsheet, so staff knew exactly what to expect.

This table shows User Services Staff time in hours which were volunteered and categorized by User Services Area.

User Services Area Hours Volunteered by Department
Help Desk 42
Departmental Support 19
User Services Departmental Office 25
Info Labs 6
Product Management 38

Total Hours Volunteered to a Role



The table below gives a description of each role and the required skills for which people volunteered.

The sign up was such a success, we will most likely do this next year! Take a look at each role and mentally try on each one for size.  Happy Fall Semester, everyone!


Role Description Required Skills Hours Volunteered by Role
Help Desk Email Support Folks who help in role will help manage the HD email queue by returning emails for common issues. This will help us keep the queue more manageable during our busiest time of year. None 32
Help Desk Product Liaison This is the first year the HD will also be taking calls/chats/emails for the Tech Store during fall rush. Having a resource will help us ensure we can handle calls in a timely manner Knowledge of in-house & online Tech Store products and general knowledge of its policies and procedures is helpful but not required 23
Tech Store Greeter Greeters welcome customers to the store and help guide them to appropriate resources within the store. This will help make customers feel comfortable in the store and manage the queue Desire to interact with a high number of customers 63
Graduate School Resource Fair This is a fun way to get out on campus, interact with our customers face-to-face, answer any questions they have and listen to what is important to them! Desire to interact with a high number of customers 5
Education Welcome Resource Fair 1
International Student Services Resource Fair 0
BadgerFest 6
Total Volunteered Hours per Role 130

Happy Fall Semester, Everyone!


2017 Expanding Your Horizons: Call for Presenters

For over 50 years, the Expanding Your Horizons conference has helped young women in grades 6-8 learn more about careers in science, technology, engineering and math fields (STEM). We would like to invite you to join us as a presenter and role model at this conference, which will be held on Saturday, NOVEMBER 4, 2017.

windowsAs you may recall, at the EYH Conference, small groups of girls accompanied by a college student leader, attend three hands-on career sessions led by presenters like you. Typically, sessions are held at workplaces, both on the UW campus and off site. Each career session is 60 minutes long.

You can lead up to three sessions and select which time slots work best for you. We encourage you to register for as many sessions as you can. Many of our presenters work in teams, so feel free to recruit co-presenters if you like (women only, please, and be sure to list their names on your registration form). presentIt is not necessary for you to know what your career session activity will be at this time. Additional information about the conference including photos of past career sessions can be found on our website:

Please register using this online form by September 22; we will email you a confirmation of your registration details by September 25. If you know of other professional women or graduate students who might be interested in presenting at EYH, please email us at


Thank you
for considering volunteering some of your weekend time with EYH. Together we can help girls stay excited about STEM and encourage them to keep all career doors open.


We’ll leave you with a few quotes from EYH students:

  • “It was interesting and fun which helped me a lot for my future”;
  • “The hands on stuff that helped us learn was really cool!”; and
  • “[It] made me think of science in a new way.”


contributed by Heather Daniels, UW Secretary of the Academic Staff


Russ Wilson, Google Cloud UX Director : 2017 Better By Design Conference

bbdThe 2017 Better By Design Conference was held at Union South this year. The schedule was action-packed with expert presenters and inspiring case studies on design thinking, user experience (UX), product design and much more. There were four Thursday workshops. Friday had a very full day of talks, keynotes, breakout sessions and even a cocktail and networking party.

Russ Wilson opened the day with his thoughts and position on Building and Sustaining and Inspiring Design Culture. He began by surveying the crowd to determine how many UX designer/ conference attendees work in one of the following areas:

  • A large team
  • A small team
  • A silo-ed team
  • Just a 1-person team

He encouraged everyone who was in each situation that building and sustaining a robust Design Culture takes some effort, but is do-able and an excellent short and long term investment of time and energy.

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2017 Women’s Leadership Symposium: “Creating a Resonant Yes Through the Power of No”

yesSarah Young from Zing Collaborative had a powerful message for attendees of the 2017 Women’s Leadership Symposium: “How we spend our moments is how how we spend our lives”. Her interactive, high-energy and thought-provoking talk started with some alarming statistics:

Google searches per second: 40,000
Number of texts sent every minute of every day: 15,220,700 
Frequency in which one is distracted at work: every 11 minutes
Minutes it takes to to get back on task: 23
Percentage of behavior NOT consciously self-directed : as much as 95%

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The Bridge to Better Service: The Embedded Help Desk Agent

Imagine being an ambassador to two worlds that rely on each other. One would need to know the language and currency in the two distinct realms for interactions to run smoothly. The DoIT Help Desk Agent embedded within a DoIT Service, does this day to day!

Relay to the DoIT Service:
– end user
– end user struggles and areas in the Service that need improvement

♦ Continuously improve DoIT Help Desk:
– documentation
– internal processes

In an effort provide consistent, face-to-face coordination of the technical and functional, the Help Desk has embedded agents within various services throughout DoIT. The concept began with our own Chris Mayeshiba working closely with Learn @ UW acting as a liaison conveying the needs of the Help Desk.

With the gap identified, when it came to the Help Desk and the campus migration to Office 365,  a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was drawn citing the specific duties and expectations of a Help Desk Embedded Agent. Rhianna Campbell was assigned to 50% of her time to work side by side with the Office 365 Service Team. Rhianna recently spoke of her experiences as an Embedded Agent, specifically the management of constant changes to documentation, at the 2017 KB User’s Group Meeting and was received with much acclaim.

The following are the current DoIT Services who have a Help Desk agent working alongside them:

50%   ECMS Imaging
25%   Learn@UW
25%   MyUW
25%   Mass email / Wisclist
25%   General Desktop Support (GDS)

The embedded Help Desk agent quickly becomes the “face of the customer” to the DoOT Service and also becomes the “go-to person” for Help Desk staff.   The time and energy invested by the embedded agent ultimately adds much value to both areas.

The image below depicts many aspects the embedded Help Desk agent does to ensure a positive and consistent end user experience for the DoIT Service to which they are assigned. On the left side of the image depicts specific facets the embedded agent engages and participates in the DoIT Service. The right side of the image depicts what the embedded agent brings back to DoIT Help Desk to inform the staff and their internal processes.

Embedded Agent


If you have any questions about the DoIT Help Desk embedded agent role, OR, if you are interested in embedding a Help Desk agent into your DoIT Service, please contact Abrianna Barca.