Student Leadership Council Update

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) has undergone a recent shift to become an advisory group. In the recent months, the SLC has hosted representatives from multiple strategic teams across User Services. This has allowed those teams to get student ideas, feedback, and suggestions on their future plans for User Services to put them in the best position for success. The SLC will continue to offer advisory sessions to strategic groups. Feel free to reach out to Jaclyn Zavoral at if your group would like to participate in this opportunity.

The Student Leadership Council is also excited to be building off the success of last year’s student/FTE networking event, where students had the opportunity to interact with full-time employees across DoIT in small groups. We will be hosting a second networking event on February 28th from 4:30-6:30pm. More information will be sent out to full-time attendees, student supervisors, and students throughout the next month.

If you would like to be part of an advisory session or if you have any questions regarding the SLC, please contact or reach out to Jaclyn Zavoral at


contributed by Justin Essert

Student Leadership Council Update

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a cross-departmental team that aims to promote an inclusive, respectful and supportive work environment through representing the student voice in departmental initiatives and providing professional development opportunities to student staff.

The council is advised by Jaclyn Zavoral and chaired by Annie Erickson (Tech Store) and Justin Essert (Tech Store).  The team is composed of the following members:

  • Enrique Saenger (Tech Store/Repair)
  • Tyler Centers (Help Desk)
  • Katie Heikkila (Help Desk)
  • Evan McGinnis (Repair)
  • Keevan Burkeland (Departmental Support)

Over the past semester, the Student Leadership Council (SLC) has been meeting with students from each group in User Services to gather feedback and assess the student opinion of their workplace and of student training activities. We worked closely with the Student Training Team to revise and improve the Student Orientation and Customer Service Training sessions that are given to all new students in User Services. We are happy to see many of the suggestions that we’ve made to the Student Training Team have been fully implemented making the presentations more engaging and informative.

For this upcoming semester, we are looking forward to increased collaboration across the department. One of our first activities will be in planning a 2nd annual networking event for the spring semester. This is a great opportunity for students and full-time staff to connect and discuss educational and professional experiences.  Look for more information in January on this event.

In addition, this semester we will be shifting our focus to become an advisory group for User Services initiatives. We invite you to join us at one of our monthly advisory meetings to collect student feedback regarding strategic projects and other departmental initiatives.

If you wish to collaborate with the Student Leadership Council in the future or have further questions, please email us at or contact Jaclyn Zavoral at


contributed by Jaclyn Zavoral

Student Training Team Update

In an effort to improve the onboarding experience for new full-time staff, the Cross-Training Strategic team reached out to the Student Training Team and asked if new FTE hires could attend the User Services Orientation training session. The User Services Orientation training session was created to provide an overview of User Services for new student staff, and is attended by Brandon and the assistant directors who each present on their specific areas.

trainingAfter some consideration, and slight tweaking of the presentation to better accommodate new FTE staff, the Student Training team agreed to pilot this idea. During the most recent Orientation sessions in mid-May and again last week, the Student Training Team invited a handful of the most recent FTE hires to attend along with the new student hires. The new FTEs attended the first hour of the Orientation session to participate while Brandon and the assistant directors gave an overview of their areas.

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Student Leaders Join SLC

Here are the SLC’s newest members! These students have joined our team this semester and represent the next generation of student leaders in User Services. Please feel free to reach out to them with your ideas and concerns about your workplace.


Tyler Centers
I’m a student lead at the Help Desk and I’m excited to work on the Student Leadership Council! Originally from Hales Corners, WI, I’m currently a junior at UW-Madison studying mathematics with hopes to one day teach high school math. In my free time I love to go for runs, ride my bike, and play board games.


Katie Heikkila
I am from Coon Rapids, MN and am studying Geology with a certificate in Environmental Studies. I work as a Student Lead at the Help Desk with a focus on hiring new agents as well as training. I am a cadet in Air Force ROTC on campus and looking forward to commissioning with the Air Force upon graduation.


Enrique Saenger
My name is Enrique Saenger and I have worked at DoIT for the past 3 years. I started working in the Help Desk Phones, but also have experience as a Help Desk Walk-In Consultant. Today I’m in Repair so I hope to bring all my previous work experience to the Student Leadership Council. My favorite candy are Kit-Kats!


Annie Erickson
My name is Annie Erickson and I am a new member of the User Services Student Leadership Council. I am a sophomore studying communication arts and I work at the Tech Store and walk-in Help Desk. I’m originally from La Crosse and I love to bake. I’m excited to contribute to the student voice within User Services.

SLC Holds First Student/FTE Networking Event

Students and staff met for the first DoIT User Services Student and Full-Time Employee (FTE) Networking Event on 12/4/2015. FTE were assigned two to a table and students chose a pair of studentFTE1FTE to talk to, based on short biographies the FTE provided before the event. Time allowed for two thirty-minute rounds of networking during the event, but engaging conversations continued into the short break between rounds. Both students and FTE frequently said they wanted more time to talk!

Many of the full time staff members were former student employees at DoIT, while others brought alternative perspectives from the private sector. Students were able to bring their burning questions to staff members who had once been in their shoes as college age young adults. Questions ranged from industry related to first job advice. Graduating seniors were comforted by the thought that successful people were once where they will be after graduation, taking on the “real world.” In return, FTE were introduced to and screened students for employability. Participants found that making connections with coworkers outside of their department was invaluable. Students found value in the experience and knowledge of FTE they work with, but had never gotten a chance to network with.



Students and FTE exchanged contact info and were encouraged to continue conversations started at the event. Many FTE offered mentorship, encouraging students to send resumes for editing and to reach out for career advice. Some students made connections to complete future job shadows.

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) would like to thank all who attended and hopes to bring another networking event to DoIT soon! Look for information on future events to further professional development in the upcoming semester.


contributed by Kaleigh Sullivan

FTE/Student Networking Event

In the past couple of months, the Student Leadership Council (SLC) has worked to create events beneficial to student development. Over the summer, the SLC collected student feedback on the professional development opportunities available to them. The results suggest a widespread desire for more opportunities to interact with full-time employees, particularly outside of their current departments.

To address those results, the SLC will pilot a networking event to be held over lunch on Friday, December 4th. Small groups of students will meet with a full-time employee, who will have an opportunity to discuss their educational and professional background. The current full-time User Services employees scheduled to attend include:

  • Abrianna Barca, Help Desk Supervisor
  • Andy Muschlewski, Tech Store Team Lead
  • Brad Thome, General Desktop Support Supervisor
  • Chris Hopp, Engagement Manager
  • Dawn Karls, Product Manager
  • Patrick Johnson, Repair Manager

We expect attendance from full-time employees working outside of User Services as well. Once we have this information finalized we will share it with students.

Our plan is to connect students and full time staff on a level beyond their daily interactions at work. Student employment at DoIT provides many amazing out of classroom experiences, and many students have a hard time translating the skills they learn here to their careers after graduation. Many of our full-time staff at DoIT started as student employees, and can provide guidance on how to successfully transition to a career job in industry.

We’ll be sending out an RSVP via email. In the meantime, if you would like more information or would like to help with the event, please email

contributed by Paul Schmidt

Introducing the SLC’s Communications, Feedback, and Training Teams

SLCTeam.3The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is composed of three subcommittees focusing on three individual goals that make up the overall SLC scope.

The Communications Team includes Paul Schmidt of the Tech Store and Kaleigh Sullivan of Product Management. The goals of the communications team are to clarify communication issues students face during their time at DoIT, and also to provide students networking opportunities with staff outside of their department.

In an attempt to reach these goals, the SLC recently hosted a seminar on our WiscIT ticketing software, featuring Chris Grosspietsch, the Cherwell product manager, as a keynote speaker. Students were able to ask questions and see the how and the why behind the changes to WiscIT in the past year. In addition to Chris, representatives of all User Services departments gave a quick overview on how they interact with WiscIT, and some common things that could be done to improve this line of communication.

Looking forward to this semester, Communications will explore networking opportunities for students. The SLC piloted a job shadow over the summer, and is now working to expand that for students who wish to spend time learning about the work User Services students do outside of their department. Additionally, Communications is supporting the Community Coordinators, Morgan Klaeser and Evan Pohlkamp, in their mission to provide social events for User Services Students to network and interact.

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