User Services Phase 3 Space Redesign: Update

The User Services Phase 3 Space Redesign team was on hiatus after the proposal from our planning stage was submitted, but we have reconvened and we’re excited to inform you that we’ve received approval from DoIT leadership to move forward! We’ve made some updates to the project’s Central Repository on DoITNet:

US Phase3

Expect to hear from us in the future via meetings, e-mails, surveys, etc. We’ll have a lot more information for you as we hash out details with FP&M. In the meantime, take some time to look around your work area and think about what things you use often and what things are collecting dust. Rearranging our space will provide a great opportunity to get rid of clutter that’s accumulated over the years.

Reach out to us via email if you have any questions! As a reminder, team members/alderpersons are:

  • Abrianna Barca
  • Chris Poser
  • David Schlaefer
  • Karl Weirauch
  • David Peterson
  • Will Crickman
  • Jaclyn Zavoral

contributed by Will Crickman


Focus Groups – gaining insight into your customers’ needs

As part of our Voice of the Customer initiative, the Great Service Team (GST) piloted the use of focus groups for gathering customer data. Our initial focus groups with Departmental Support contract customers proved successful. Customers identified strengths of their desktop support team along with some specific areas for improvement. Based on this feedback, team leads have been able to set clear goals for process improvement as they continue to engage with the customers.

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1,600+ Responses from Voice of the Customer efforts

Over the next few months, the Great Service Team (GST) will be providing a series of updates on how we are progressing with the three pillars of our program (Voice of the Customer, Great Service Philosophy, and Training). For this month’s update we wanted to focus on the Voice of the Customer and share with you some results from the standardized customer satisfaction survey which was implemented in late May (see original announcement here)

During the development of the standardized customer satisfaction survey we consulted with Josh Morrill who informed us of the importance of keeping the survey short and concise. Therefore, we created the new survey with fewer, strategically chosen questions. This has resulted in an average completion time of only 90 seconds.

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Phas3 Update

The User Services Phas3 Space Planning team is pleased to announce that we have completed our proposal for updating the shared User Services spaces in room B213, 1150A, and 1150B and have submitted it to Brandon and the User Services Leadership Team for review!  The proposal is composed of three different sections which provide low, medium, and high cost estimates for improving the space.  We are now working with the Leadership Team to make a selection that is both fiscally responsible and provides the maximum value for User Services team members.

We were also happy to share our proposal with DoIT’s COO John Krogman last week!  John was provided an overview of the Phas3 team’s work, as well as a tour of our spaces.  He was impressed by the team’s efforts, and made a commitment to User Services that the larger organization will help support our improvement efforts!

We hope to have some additional updates for the department by our next User Services All Staff Lunch on August 24.  As always, be sure to let the Phas3 Space Planning Team know if you have any questions, thoughts, or comments.  A list of all team members as well as project updates is available on our landing paging:

contributed by: Chris Poser,

Internship Team Prepares for the End

The summer has been filled with hard work, thrilling projects, ice cream, and an occasional bit of humor and sarcasm for this year’s internship cohort. The nine members of this year’s cohort have been creating improvements and leading projects in each of the departments within User Services. I’m positive everyone who is reading this article has been affected by their hard work.

The beginning of the program started off with the Adventure Learning Program, where the interns got to know each other, and some of their fears for those afraid of heights, a little better. The day on the low and high ropes course emphasized team work, communication, and trust within the group.

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US Internship Program Kicks-Off

The Summer Internship officially kicked off on Monday with a day filled with food, fun, and a ton of collaboration. We were very excited to welcome some new faces into our DoIT family, and of course some familiar faces as well! We are even more excited to watch this cohort grow throughout the summer and complete key projects throughout their respective departments.

In addition to spreading our excitement, the Internship Team wanted to take this opportunity to thank those that made this kick-off a success:

  • Thank you to Brandon Bernier for his presentation on the Internship Program.
  • Thank you to Bryan Rastello for his presentation on DoIT Organization.
  • Thank you to Jaclyn Zavoral, Chris Poser, Bridget Bartell, Nick Reynolds, Leah Scheide and David Schlaefer for sharing the story of their User Services journeys.
  • Thank you to the Extended Leadership Team for taking the time to come and introduce yourselves.
  • Thank you to all the full time and student staff that took time out of your afternoon to join us for our ending social hour.
  • Thank you to our mentors for being present for most of the day and for making the interns feel welcome in their new space.
  • Adventure Learning Program for provided us with a fun day out at the high ropes course!

We are looking forward to an excellent summer filled with learning, teamwork, and of course, fun!

Pictured below is a team of interns, mentors, and sponsors playing a silly ice breaker called Human Rock, Paper, Scissors.


Introducing the 2017 US Interns

The internship team is proud to announce that we have accepted candidates for all of the internship positions that are part of the User Services Summer Internship Program!

Here are the positions and the interns that were selected:


Intern: Jonathan Green

Job Title: Repair Business Process Analyst Intern

Mentor: Patrick Johnson


Intern: Kali Kinziger

Job Title: SOAR Team Lead Intern

Mentor: Dawn Karls


Intern: Noah Krause

Job Title: End Point Management and Compliance Intern

Mentor: Jayme Teasdale


Intern: Jeff Sanford

Job Title: Product Management and Lifecycle Intern

Mentor: Dawn Karls


Intern: Vanessa Khoo

Job Title: Asset Management Intern

Mentor: Sean Griffin


Intern: Daniel Ibarra

Job Title: Help Desk Marketing Intern

Mentor: Abrianna Barca


Intern: Min Hwang

Job Title: Help Desk Marketing Intern

Mentor: Abrianna Barca

Please join us in welcoming the interns into their new roles! The internship program will officially kick off on June 5th and we are looking forward to a productive summer. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at:

contributed by: Hannah Pringle,